"SMI and their professional staff allowed me to get back on the softball field soon after my shoulder surgery. Their knowledge of my specific injury and sport allowed me to recover quicker and more efficiently. Thanks SMI for your positive attitude and friendship. You are all so wonderful!" – N.M.

"First let me say that SMI is bar-none the only physical therapy facility I would go to for rehab. SMI is well-equipped with everything from the smallest dumbbell to a Pilates table to squat benches and all those in between. The atmosphere is comfortable, relaxed, open, and yet very professional. I, without question, recommend (and have) to any athlete, middle-aged or in their 'golden years' patients that seek treatment, rehab or physical therapy to SMI." – L.D.

"I can honestly say that without rehabbing at the best place in not only Southern California, but probably across the nation, I would not have come back as strong as I have. I recommend anyone in the greater Orange County area to make rehabbing at SMI a number one priority." – M.R.

"If you want someone who cares about your recovery and takes the time to make sure it is done right, do not go anywhere else. I would highly recommend them." – C.S.

"The staff at SMI is professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating. They are caring and truly work their hardest to keep their patients 'in the game.' The physical therapists are well-educated and up-to-date in the newest programs and techniques. The most important aspect to the success of the SMI patients: the therapists educate to help prevent future injuries. It is a winning combination." –D.W.

Physical Therapy

Anaheim, CA


We'll get you back in the game!

Sports Medicine Institute is a private outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic located in Anaheim, CA.  We take pride in the quality of care provided to our clients. Our clinic strives to help clients achieve their individual goals. Whether your objective is pitching at the Major League level or simply enjoying an active lifestyle, the staff is here to assist and guide you throughout your rehabilitation.