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Premier Sports Performance with an Edge

SMI offers a sports performance program that stands out from the rest. Our expert PT's, with backgrounds of Strength and Conditioning and Athletic Training Certifications, bring their knowledge of the body, general movement, sport specific demands, and injury behavior to sports performance. This creates a unique training program unlike any other to prevent injury and make necessary strength, agility and plyometric advances in order to perform like a pro on the field!

Our staff has worked with athletes from the Professional level to High School designing individually tailored strength, power, agility and mobility programs to get the athlete to the next level and prevent future injury!

Our Sports Performance Training Program includes:

  1. A full body movement and strength assessment from one of our PT's

  2. Individualized plan to address specific deficits found in assessment

including strength, mobility, agility, and plyometrics

Optional: Manual therapy performed by PT to areas needed to address mechanical deficits

Sports Performance Pricing

Full Body and Movement Evaluation: $150 Initial session only

*Includes: initial strength and movement assessment with individualized plan (6 day per week training schedule)

Strength session with Manual Therapy: $100/session

*Programs are reassessed every 4 weeks with new training schedule

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