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LA Dodgers


I worked with Joan and Ashley at SMI and would give them my highest recommendation. Going into the rehab process I was in a fragile state and as an athlete that is very scary. They got me back to feeling like the athlete I was before my injury in just a matter of a few weeks. Equally as important was their knowledge of the body and their ability to communicate in a way that was relatable. They are as professional as it gets and [I] highly recommend SMI.


Neil V.

I came to SMI with neck pain and nerve zingers. My ability to workout, drive, sleep and work were diminished due to the condition. The physical therapy I received during my 12 visits spread out over 6 weeks has allowed me to get back to normal activity and a much better quality of life. I had a great experience and would come back if necessary. I highly recommend SMI.


Cody Jensen

The team at SMI have always performed beyond expectations. This has been my third visit with them. Knees, pelvis or this time shoulder, they have been thorough in not only the therapy but also in their explanations and time tables. My experiences here have led me to always request my PT be done here and only here. Their knowledge of what it takes to get an athlete back to performing at a high level is second to none.


Rick Welch

After having knee replacement surgery I had little mobility and was unable to bend my knee. With the help of the staff at SMI I have full mobility and strength to return back to work. I highly recommend SMI and the staff.

Washington State Volleyball '22

Mia Christensen

In March I tore my meniscus playing volleyball. I had to have it sutured because too much of it was torn to just have it trimmed out. I had trouble doing pretty much everything. I started PT three weeks after my surgery and was still on crutches, but I wanted to do everything I could to get back  fast. For two months Ashley and I worked, starting with bridges and working up to sprints with cuts and squats with weight. I am so grateful for all the support and love I got from SMI. I'll miss it, but I couldn't be happier to be done.

Kansas City Royals Organization

Darrell Miller Jr.

Best therapy I have ever been to. I play for the Kansas City Royals and have gone there since high school. All the therapist are well trained and it is a central hub for professional players of all sports. They get me right before I go to spring training and I have done all my post surgery rehab here. Highly recommend!!


Sarah Sully

My family and I have been patients with SMI over the course of 10 years while rehabbing numerous injuries. I have not met a more supportive group of people in a staff environment before in my life. They collectively want to do what they can to make sure you're comfortable and putting your best self forward. The treatments and hands on support I have received at SMI has far surpassed all the other institutions I had been too previously. They continuously go the extra mile to make sure Im always receiving the best level of care both physically and mentally.

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